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About us

We always get excited about the good things in life – the beautiful words, the good wine, the delicious food…

In Central Park, we will charm you with stunning flavours and aromas combined with an urban spirit and an atmosphere of tranquillity and rest in nature.

During the summer heats, you can cool yourself with fresh salads, cold drinks and feel the flow of the breeze under the trees whereas amid the cold and dim days and evenings you can feel the cosiness of our fireplace and dive into the passion of our delicate dishes and the diverse shades of our wines.

Here we cook following our own recipes; our dishes blend the colourfulness of the traditional Bulgarian taste, and exoticness of the cuisine of different parts of the world and… our culinary imagination. We will not bore you because every season we offer new dishes, which always are in harmony with nature during that time of the year. We always seek to offer you fresh and healthy food.

In addition to the main menu, which can surely satisfy even the hungriest, you can try our homemade bread, which tempts with its incredible flavours

We hope that we will continue to surprise and excite you.

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